Judith E. Spörl

Brendan English


has been working in Solar Electronics for over 25 years. Since he was a small boy he always knew he wanted to fly but wasted many years and didn’t take up gliding till age 34.

Brendan learns German as a hobby and has translated many articles for gliding magazines and websites.

Piet, the gliding instructor, is his favourite charachter in Lena Earns Her Wings. Perhaps that’s because Brendan is also a gliding instructor?

He and his wife Jana live in Australia where they fly long flights together in their two-seat glider every summer.

Doreen Goedhart


actually has a terrible fear of flying and has only flown once – on the other hand she can now draw an ASK21 in her sleep!

She is a qualified graphic designer and illustrator and has had her own studio since 2011.

More about Doreen: